Remote Video Surveillance and Its Advantages


The one problem that has been noted with the traditional CCTV systems is that they are in nature reactive. If at all your facility were invaded by rogues in the night, if there were no clear capture of the registration plate numbers and facial images, then it gets to be very difficult to identify and catch the culprits once they have left your property and gone. You’ll want to learn more about remote surveillance monitoring options.

On the other hand, remote video monitoring happens to be proactive. This is given the fact that people will be watching the cameras in real-time. Thus using the remote video monitoring and surveillance systems will enable you catch any intruders right on the act. Thanks to the fact of their effectiveness, more and more businesses are opting for the use of the remote video surveillance systems as a part of their standard and routine security systems. And as a matter of fact, thanks to their use, there has been quite a significant drop in the cases of theft and vandalism in a number of the establishments that have installed them. Read on and see some of the benefits that actually come with the use of the remote video surveillance systems in so far as security goes.

One of the outstanding benefits of the installation of the remote video surveillance systems is the fact that they help you save money. Actually having them installed is over 25% less expensive as opposed to the use of the onsite security guards. As a matter of fact, if you are a business and still are stuck to the use of the pure onsite guards for your security needs, you need to think of the benefits and the ways that the remote video surveillance systems will indeed result you with a healthier bottom line. Do look into remote video surveillance solutions.

As has been mentioned above already, one of the benefits of the use of the remote video surveillance systems is that they see such a reduction in the cases of theft and vandalism. Daytime theft will actually be lowered by up to 85%. Reducing your risks to vandalism and theft will not only benefit you in saving money in lost materials but as well will be quite a sure way to see you save on management time, reduce your insurance costs and as well prevent business delays. They as well will boost your chances of approvals for insurances and a number of the providers actually work directly with some of the major insurance companies. Here are 5 tips on choosing a good CCTV system: